Spinner Fishing Techniques for Salmon & Steelhead


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Spinner Fishing Techniques for Salmon & Steelhead I have to preface this article with a simple statement, “I love fishing blades!” Maybe this statement is a bit overstated, but it’s a fact, and overtime has become one of my favorite … Continue reading

How to Fish the Small Coastal Streams for Fall Chinook.


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An article explaining fishing techniques for fall chinook on the smaller Northwest coastal rivers, including back bouncing and running Kwikfish. Continue reading

Fishing the Big “D” (Deschutes)


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The Deschutes is really one of those magical places, an oasis of verdant green hidden amongst high desert basalt and sagebrush. It’s a place that can get under your skin, and every time I fish it I remember why she’s pulled me to her banks so often for over 20 years… It’s the river where I finally started “catching” trout, instead of just angling for them. It’s where I began my illustrious guide career, and it’s where I think I found who I am. It was right there, fishing the hummocks of the Deschutes that cemented the fact that I was destined to spend my life chasing the dream of fishing for a living. Continue reading