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Fish Story Podcast

Fish Story Podcast

Fish Story Podcast

Check out our Fish Story Podcast hosted by Bryce Kading, John Childs and Zach Shirley, bringing you the most current Pacific Northwest Fishing news and information, and where we often delve into a little bit of everything, especially if Bryce gets talking about coffee.

Episode 1

Bryce Kading and John Childs sit down to figure out what the Fish Story podcast is all about. Featuring Zach Shirley as the first guest/host, they discuss what got them into fishing. If you enjoy sitting around a camp fire or perhaps a bar stool and talking fishing in the PNW, well this may be the podcast for you.

Apologies ahead of time for the sound quality near the last segment.

Episode 2

Bryce, Zach, and John sit down and talk Oregon Spring Chinook, winter steelhead tactics, and everything in between. We talk about techniques to catch winter steelhead, like bobber doggin, side drifting, and bobber & jig fishing. We also discuss the upcoming spring chinook fishery and what it may have to offer. We might drift off topic a bit, but we always keep it interesting!

Episode 3

Zach, Bryce, and John sit down and chat about the current Spring Chinook fishery in the Columbia and Willamette river. We discuss how the water temps may help this fishery this year, even though the Willamette isn’t forecasted for a great run. We talk about techniques for fishing the Columbia, including trolling herring downstream, and how occasionally it can work to push into the current, instead of traveling with it. We also cover fishing the Willamette Harbor with the deep water troll, and cover some thoughts on fishing Oregon City area. Content may also include discussion on Bryce’s knowledge of making the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Episode 4

This episode of Fish Story Podcast talks about the current state of the springer run, and how big the fish are. The discussion also covers why the fish seem to be getting smaller and whats been happening to our runs over the last few years. Tillamook springers are also discussed, along with some offshore fishing options. Fly fishing for steelhead is also discussed, along with some ideas on nymph fishing for trout.

Episode 5

In this Episode, Bryce, John & Zach discuss bottom fishing for sea bass/rockfish and halibut fishing off the Oregon Coast. They also discuss springer fishing on the Columbia, and some of our upcoming fisheries like Buoy 10. And at the end, Bryce plays us the new Fish Story Podcast theme song.

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